PissJapanTV pjt_26341-4-def-1 TOKYO PISS PALACE

Who knew one ladies’ room would attract a hot lineup of dozens waiting to climb on up and squat over the low floor toilet? We chose a great spot for our hidden PissJapan camera, and all the finest hotties of Japan are waiting to stream their steamy piss right in front of its all-seeing eye. Our second camera’s just aimed a little higher and zoomed out for you to watch their blissful relief as gorgeous Asian girlies empty their swollen bladders.

It’s a perfect vantage to see and delight in an all-star parade of the prettiest, naughtiest, most delectable women in Japan dropping, dripping and drizzling into the clean white porcelain throne of our pee trough. Once their panties are down the hot pee temperature rises! And your appreciation will rise as well.

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