PissJapanTV pjt_26341-2-def-1 PRETTY PISSERS ON PARADE

You’ve had your thrills watching our beautiful Asian honeys climb up on the tiled pedestal and squat over the low toilet trough to aim their piss and ease their aching bladders. And now here’s another, even more delectable parade of pretty pissers for you to enjoy.

These Japanese girlies are coeds late for their first class, office ladies fresh from a long meeting, or harried shoppers. They’re relieved to find this sparkling clean ladies room for them to ease their urges and refresh themselves for a moment. This compilation ticks off a good dozen beauties caught by the voyeur camera in their most private moments, aiming their steamy stream locked behind a closed door for no one to see. But that’s where they’re mistaken. Every dribble or drip is there for us to revel in, closeup and in perfect focus. Their bare booties and fuzzy poons so close you can almost taste them, with a second camera to catch a full-length shot of them from head to toe.

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